Tony Dylak


Tony lives in Oakworth, West Yorkshire and has been the CEO of Royds since its inception. With a strong background in community regeneration, managing major projects and partnership working, Tony is nationally-recognised as an expert in the field and is principal advisor and key contact for Royds Consultancy support.

“I believe residents can do anything given the right help and support. Community empowerment is about accepting that people have different life experiences and finding ways of bringing them together.”

Andrew Le Riche

Facilities Manager

Lisa Murgatroyd

Finance Manager

Kay Wright

Services Manager

Board of Trustees

John Marriott


A long-term Bradford resident, John was involved in business in the area for over 35 years prior to retirement and is a former Chair of the Royds Tenants Committee.  His in-depth business expertise has been instrumental in building up the Royds Charity as an effective agent of positive change.

“I enjoy the opportunity to bring my business experience to the table and helping  the community and the charity to prosper.”

Mohammed Arif Awan

Vice Chair

Mohammed worked for a range of public, private and third sector organisations in a variety of operational and strategic positions prior to taking early retirement in 2015. He has extensive experience of voluntary Board and committee roles with an assortment of charities.

“Views and suggestions from our community are always welcome. We can only make the difference by working together.”

Helen Alred

A lifelong Bradford resident, Helen originally qualified as Barrister before transferring to a career as a Quantity Surveyor. As a commercial professional, she is a member of the Engineering Development Trust’s INSPIRE initiative to encourage more young people, particularly girls, to pursue Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) studies and the in-demand careers they offer.

“Visiting local schools as a STEM ambassador led on to me taking this role with Royds with a view to making a difference in the community.”

Adrian Curtis

A former Senior Accountant responsible for Housing Capital in the London Borough of Ealing, Adrian has held a variety of senior financial and executive positions with local authorities and voluntary organisations . He has been Executive Director of charity Groundwork, which operates 21 Trusts across the UK and promotes a sustainable green approach to regeneration, since 2002.

“I believe that all communities – and all the individuals within them – should be given the opportunity to participate in the creation of a better future for themselves.”

Laura Hobson

Bernard Lewis

Born and bred in Bradford and a retired building business owner, Bernard is Churchwarden at St Mary’s in Wyke and a Trustee on the church council.  A committed volunteer and fund raiser, he runs a local youth club and a sensory community garden and is a former Chair of Royds’ New Horizons support programme for frail, isolated and vulnerable elderly people.

“I’ve always been committed to volunteering. I have a strong feel for the community and always try to get people to work together to improve health and well-being.”

Rebecca Malin

Rebecca is an Associate Director of System Transformation for the NHS and works with health and care partners across Bradford and Craven, North Yorkshire. Prior to joining the NHS, Rebecca held a number of business and IT positions at Virgin Atlantic Airways and IBM UK Ltd.

“Focusing on communities and their needs means care can be provided as locally as possible while being sensitive to local needs. This is what brought me to Royds.”

Les Webb

Retired architect Les is former President of the Bradford Society of Architects and Surveyors and was a co-founder of Pudsey architects Webb Seegar Moorhouse.  He has lectured at a number of universities and is a former Professional Examiner for the Architectural Professional Practice at the Leeds School of Architecture.

“I got involved as part of the original regeneration programme. The success is now there for all to see.  I still take pride in what the community has achieved.”

Martyn Ward