This is a snapshot of our key achievements for the financial year 2014-2015. For a full explanation see our annual report and accounts.

Advice and debt services

Support is given to local residents in hardship or financial difficulty with welfare benefits advice, debt service and counselling, money management skills, advocacy and signposting.

Provided in community and health facilities in BD6, BD7, BD12, BD13, and BD15.
Number of clients advised 950
Income generated for clients in successful benefit claims £2,399,928
Number of debt situations stabilised 54
Amount of debt written off through negotiation and bankruptcies £2,287,156

Money Advice Programme

The service provides support and assistance to ‘at risk’ service users and empowers them to follow advice given by professional agencies.

Number of volunteers recruited 17

Number of clients assisted 63

Average savings generated per client £1,152

Our Place Health Inequality Programme

This programme was designed to help address health inequality in the Royds area. Funded by DCLG, Royds engaged with residents and provided support including health checks and listening sessions.

Number of residents engaged 350

Number of patients engaged with health 120

Number of joint resident/health sessions provided 15

Royds Enterprise Park

This is the major source of unrestricted income generated from rents, room hire and service charges. The Park has performed extremely well throughout the year.

Average occupancy at the Park 94%

Average number of jobs at the park over the year 240

Number of apprentices recruited over the year 10

Employment and Training

Numerous training organisations and other companies have organised training courses at Royds Enterprise Park.

Number of residents attending courses 750

Royds Healthy Living Centre

Royds provides primary care health services to local residents, particularly in Buttershaw, through the ownership of the Royds Healthy Living Centre which is tenanted by the Ridge Medical Practice.

Number of registered patients at the Healthy Living Centre 3,000

Number of children benefiting from play sessions 1,092

Woodside Village Centre

A wide variety of groups use the community centre at Woodside including Karate, dance groups and scouts. It is also the base for our Advice Service.

Number of groups using Woodside Village Centre 6

Number of regular users of the community centre 2400

Number of health counselling sessions 240

Delph Hill Centre

Users include Bradford Youth Service, Groundwork Leeds and Wyke Children’s Centre. The centre is occupied most days including evenings.

Number of groups using Delph Hill Centre 6

Number of users of the community centre 900

Number of NEET sessions 60

Royds Shops

Our two shops are in the same complex as Woodside Village Centre and provide a hot food takeaway outlet and a mini market which benefits both the tenants of the shops and the local residents.


We have provided consultancy support to local groups of residents, neighbourhood organisations, government funded programmes and public sector agencies.

Key partners include Locality and Bradford Community Advice Network.

Number of areas assisted through consultancy 6

Number of groups assisted through consultancy 21

Nehemiah Foundation partnership

Number of community worker posts sustained 4

Number of new community workers tutored/supported 3

Arise Yorkshire Ltd

Royds is one of four equal partners with two nominated directors of the Arise Yorkshire Ltd regeneration company.

Number of empty homes purchased and refurbished 21

Number of homes let and occupied 21

Future plans

We have had three consecutive financially successful years and will continue to build on this positive success in 2015/16 in the key areas of health, the economy and community empowerment.

  • Use surpluses from unrestricted income to support community based activities.
  • Maintain high level of occupancy and usage at all centres by ensuring tenants and users are satisfied with services.
  • Work with partners to address local issues and needs, and continue to develop collaborative arrangements to attract funds and contracts.
  • Our key collaborative model is Arise Yorkshire Ltd, formed by Royds and three local partners, which acts as a bidding vehicle for larger, district wide programmes and contracts.
  • Be contract ready for new cluster based procurement by the local authority in 2016 through the Advice Bradford Consortium (ABC).
  • Develop and build a Design House and factory next to the Enterprise Park to provide local jobs and to offer graduates the opportunity to develop a textile/design related business. In partnership with Bradford College and Leeds School of Architecture.
  • Launch the Health Buddy programme, to provide peer support in the community to practice self-care and make more effective use of NHS services.
  • Develop the Money Action Programme working with the Financial Inclusion Group.
  • Take on an Enterprise Coach in 2015 to work with our established businesses and to support the growth of new ones.
  • Bid for funds to support both business growth support and employment especially in marginalised and furthest from the market groups.
  • Involvement in strategic groups in the district. Take a lead in promoting innovative ways to deliver public services with our public, community and third sector partners.
  • Consultancy programme work to continue mainly in collaboration with Locality.
  • Deliver the national Near Neighbours phase two programme with the Nehemiah Foundation based in Birmingham.
  • Provide tutor support to a team of trainee neighbourhood workers in Rochdale.
  • Bring in new trustees with vision and energy to develop and grow what is already a successful charity.

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