What it does

Health and wellbeing challenges are often a result of things such as life-changing events, money or work stresses, confidence issues, a lack of a social network or simply a loss of purpose and a feeling life’s passing you by. They can’t always be fixed by a tablet or other medicine from a doctor.

Royds provides a link to advice, guidance and support on self-care for local people whose wellbeing needs may be better met by support services or involvement in new activities rather than visits to GP’s surgery. As a Community Partnership Champion, local GPs can refer patients to Royds Self Care when they feel someone needs a different kind of help to improve their life.

As part of this care available to our community, we’re always keen to hear from new groups or volunteers willing and able to play their part with our support. Small grants are available to help these start-ups to get going. Just get in touch.


Currently operating in Royds and Great Horton local authority wards


Contact Royds for further information:

01274 355600