Community Programmes

Community Action Consultancy

Royds is nationally-recognised as a leading example of successful community regeneration delivery with a proven track record across two decades of enhancing the life opportunities and wellbeing of people of all ages – both directly and through partnership programmes.

Our learning and experience in how to best help communities thrive is now available to client organisations via commercial consultancy across a range of areas including partnership development, asset transfer, programme development, business planning, effective resident engagement, interim management and mentoring.

Our advice is valued and trusted by a significant and growing number of public sector organisations, including regional government offices and local authorities, as you can see from the examples and client list below. 

Current Projects

BEAP Community Trust

Supporting the creation of a new outdoor sports facility and cafe in Bradford and assistance to the Board to gain new skills to manage their complex.

Byrne Avenue Community Trust

Consultancy advice on the transfer of a pool and leisure facility in The Wirral, Merseyside, and assistance in developing the skills necessary for managing the service.

Cullingworth Village Hall

Support for the development of a new village hall in Bradford and the skills of the management committee.

Elswick Pool and Leisure Centre

Advice and consultancy on the transfer of a closed swimming pool and leisure facility in Newcastle to the local community while helping the management committee gain the skills they need to manage the facility.

Green Estate

Consultancy supporting the development of a wedding venue and the commercial sale of green goods to help the Sheffield organisation to be more viable and sustainable.

Power to Change Peer Brokerage

Consultancy support for organisations in receipt of Power to Change capital grants in the North of England.

South Tynedale Railway

Consultancy input into the development and sustainability of a narrow gauge railway line operating in the North Pennines.

Past Projects

Aston Pride New Deal for Communities

Various contracts including: Evaluation of Economic and Business Support Strategy; Overview of Communications and Engagement Strategy; Review of Governance Structures and Documents; Business Planning the Succession Strategy; Development of the Senior Management Team; Development of the Health Programme (COFSS) and Manager Mentoring; Board Development days. Ongoing since 2005.

Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council

Interim management of a Government funded Neighbourhood Management Scheme, including rewriting the delivery plan, reassembling a delivery team, developing relationships and partnerships, and ensuring effective delivery. 15-month contract. Review of community centre provision in the borough, with recommendations for development or disposal, and of new management and staffing arrangements. 9 -month contract.

Bradford Community Advice Network

Support to identify new income generation opportunities, particularly commercial and sponsorship. Support includes business interviews, financial modelling, brokerage and option appraisal.

Development Trust Association

Part of a review team assessing the 39 New Deal for Communities Succession Strategies, and advising the Department for Communities and Local Government on their viability and sustainability. Ongoing from June 2009. Development of a business model for a viable community based Fair Finance initiative for the Yorkshire region. January to April 2010. Research into clawback issues in Yorkshire and the South West as part of a review team reporting to the Department for Communities and Local Government, including structured questionnaires and evaluation. February/March 2010.

Halifax Opportunities Trust

Support to develop a programme to tackle isolation and loneliness in an inner city area of Halifax. Support includes partnership development, programme design, funding preparation and project coordination.


Locality West Midlands

Support to develop an appropriate consortium model for bidding organisations across the West Midlands. Support incudes partnership development, structures, governance, and option appraisal. A similar piece of work is being carried out for Locality Leeds.


Preston District Council

Support to develop an engagement programme between service providers and an emerging community organisation in a small estate in Preston. Support includes advice on engagement techniques, partnership development, business planning and funding preparation.

Renaisi Regeneration

Delivery of contemporary and challenging race equality training for regional Government Offices. One year contract.

The Nehemiah Foundation

A partnership with The Nehemiah Foundation has been in place since 2012 to support the growth of a faith-inspired response to poverty and injustice based partly on the Royds self-sustaining model. We have acted as tutor for four local workers in Bradford, Oldham and Burnley supporting their personal development and their promotion of local activity, programmes and partnerships. Funded through the Government as part of the Near Neighbour programme, 37 projects have been developed by the workers locally.

Wirral Borough Council

Support to the council and its partners in the transfer of assets from the public sector into the community, including business planning, financial management, legal structures, management and staff development and lease arrangements. Ongoing contract starting May 2009.

Other clients that have called on Royds Consultancy: